B664201B Motorcycle Car Clutch Brake Bleeder Hose One Way Valve Tube

Country of Origin:
Aluminum & Rubber

Detail Specifications

How to Use:
1. Uncover the bleed nipple of the caliper.
2. Place the end of the hose onto the bleed nipple and secure with hose clip.
3. Check that the valve unit is facing the correct way, the direction of arrow
on the unit should be pointing away from the caliper.
4. Have a container ready to collect the brake fluid that will be flushed out of the system.
5. When ready, Start Pumping the brake Lever and topping up the fluid until all air has been flushed through and the fluid level is correct in the master cylinder reservoir.
6. Close Reservoir
7. Remove the hose from the bleed nipple, clean away any excess fluid and replace cover onto the nipple.
8. Dispose of any excess brake fluid as per the manufacturer's instructions.
9. The valve unit and hoses should be taken apart and drained
thoroughly, open the valve unit by unscrewing the body.
.Product Specification:
.Total Length :17.72 in(450 mm )
.Valve Length: 2.17 in(55 mm)
.Tube Inner Diameter: 0.2 in(5 mm)
.Tube Outer Diameter: 0.31 in(8 mm)
.PACKING: Sliding Card 10pcs/50pcs/9.2kgs/10.2kgs/2.2'